Happy birthday Sonny Carbone!

Today is a big day in the Carbone household.  Our dog, Sonny, turned 1!!  As usual he started his day early – 5:30 am – and by 6:00 he had already torn through the presents we got him.  I think his favorite is the squeaky squirrel.  And as I sit here watching him make that squirrel pay I wonder, what did we do before Sonny?  What did we talk about?  Who did we take pictures of?

Here are some highlights from our first year with the animal who stole our hearts, soiled out sheets, chewed our shoes, ate our underwear and took over our home.

This is where we fell in love.  I distinctly remember Enzo saying, “wow, he doesn’t even bark.”






First stop was at my parents house.  My mother (hereafter referred to as Nonna) suggested we name him Sonny.  We tried a few other names like Primo and I wanted to name him Kevin, but Sonny is what stuck.  He also answers to Bobo, Bobes, Bubba, Bubbalicious, Bones, Boney, Sonny Bunny, Bunny Rabbit, Little Lamb, Disgraziato (what Nonna calls him) and Cornutiello (what Papa calls him).





A surprise guest at the Carbones’.  What would Enzo’s dad say?  He hates dogs.






Hmmmm.  I think he likes him.

He usually calls him Mezz’ pugnetta (not sure of the exact translation but I think it means something like 1/2 a jerk off).





Most everyone was thrilled to meet Sonny.  He could win just about anyone over in under 5 seconds.  That is of course, with the exception of two very important creatures…

WTF?  If he’s gonna be down there, we’re staying up here.  The first few days were really tough.  Lorenzo gave in first – he’s a softie.  Although he has given Sonny a few good beatings.  The jury is still out on Lucia and Sonny.  At first she couldn’t resist smacking him every time they found themselves in the same room.  Now they do this sideways walk thing when their paths cross and they won’t even look at each other.  I think they learned that from my parents.





Lucia, just where he wants her.  I swear he pushed her out the door.






Before we knew it he was ready for his first day of school.  We quickly learned he’s better suited for athletics than academics.






He didn’t seem to mind his first bath.  Much.






He really made the photographer work for her money during the photo shoot we had in February.  This is one of the pictures I had framed for Enzo’s birthday.





A few of his favorite things:

Car rides






Chillin with Daddy.






Hanging out with friends.






Being with family.






Snack time.






Ice cream!!






Sonny is a great watch dog. Even early on he made sure we knew about every person, animal or car that went down our street.  So much for not barking.





He was a little depressed the night before we left on our honeymoon.  I think the suitcases tipped him off.






But, by the time we got back, Romeo had taught him to jump up on the sofa by himself.






This was taken the night we had him neutered.  Owie.






He loves long walks in the neighborhood.






Sometimes he gets pensive.






Morning coffee tawk.






Our first family vacation. ACK.  He loved it.  However we learned he does not like it when people wear big hats.  And, he prefers Nantucket Town to Sconset.







OK, Trick or treat.  Now get this f-ing thing off me.






Tonight we’ll celebrate with a doggie cake his ZiZis bought him.  For now he’s just trying on outfits.

Happy birthday Bobes.  We love you sooooo much!