About this blog

TheNewMrsCarbone is a blog about me – The New Mrs. Carbone.  Not that long ago, I was just one cat and two loads of laundry shy of starting CrazyCatLadyBlog.com. But as my older sister always told me, life can change on a dime.  And mine did.  Within 12 months, I started dating my husband, got engaged, got a dog, planned and pulled off a monster Italian wedding.  Things snowballed from there.  I had two kids in two years and am now well on my way to happily ever after.

I live in the suburbs with my husband Lorenzo, two sons — Mario and Lorenzo —  my cat Lucia and our dog Sonny.  I’m the (much) youngest of four and the only person in my family born here in the States.  My parents, two sisters and brother all came here from Naples, Italy just a couple years before I was born.

My posts will sometimes be about marriage.  Sometimes I’ll write about parenting.  Sometimes I’ll write about my crazy but lovable Italian family.  And sometimes I’ll just write about the other stuff that makes me happy like animals, gardening, designer jeans, shoes and food.

To my friends and family – please don’t take offense to any mentions of you!  If you’re in my blog it’s because you’re important to me!  Readers – I’d love your comments and feedback on any of my posts.


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