I’m blogging again.

Lately I’ve had the itch to blog.  I’m not sure why or really what prompted it.  But I’ve had this nagging feeling that I really should revisit The New Mrs. Carbone and breathe some new life into it. So here goes.

The last time I sat down to blog was November of 2010 when I blogged about my new found obsession with yoga.  Ahhhhh.  I remember those days.  When I wasn’t in class, I was thinking about it.  I worked tirelessly at home to try to perfect my poses.  My husband saw a lot of my back side as I practiced, practiced, practiced in the middle of the living room floor.   Just before that I blogged about my dog — a really long post, all about Sonny, with 31 pictures to go with it.  And before that I wrote about celebrating my niece’s 14th birthday.  As I read through my old posts I felt like I was reading a stranger’s blog.  I haven’t practiced yoga in more than two years.  The only time my husband sees my backside in the living room nowadays is when I’m bending over to wipe spit up off the floor.  My niece is 17 and driving now.  She came over the other day with her boyfriend.  And I don’t even like my dog anymore. (More on that later.)

A lot has happened to The New Mrs. Carbone since that last post.  Here are the highlights:  I got pregnant.  I put on 50 pounds.  I had my first child.  I lost 50 pounds.  We celebrated his 1st birthday.  I got pregnant again.  I turned 40.  I put on 40 pounds.  I had another baby.  That was almost 5 months ago.  I’m working on losing those 40 pounds as we speak.  (I mean literally, right now, I’m not eating.)

I can tell you a lot of things have not happened in that time too.  I have not slept through an entire night without waking – whether it was to pee or shift my belly weight or nurse a child or peek at the baby monitor.  I have not gone out with my husband to dinner, then drinks, then dessert, then more drinks, then pizza, then coffee, then breakfast like we used to.  I have not put on a bathing suit.  I have not put on lipstick unless tinted chap stick counts.  I have not gotten drunk.  I have not gone to the gym.  I have not tanned.  I have not showered without sticking an ear out at least once to listen for someone crying.

But, this is not the part of the post where I say that I don’t miss any of the things about my old life.   This is not the part where I rip off something from a Hallmark card to say that I’m a much better human being now that I’m a mother and blah, blah, blah.  Because truth be told, there are some things I miss.  Size 27 jeans for one.  Boobs that are not a food source are another.  Only being responsible for cleaning up my own poop.  That was nice too.

But seriously.  I couldn’t ask for a better life.  I love being a mom.  I mean, I absolutely adore it.  My kids are friggen awesome.  My two year old says and does funny shit all the time.  My little one is finally passed the “blob” stage and is turning into a charmer himself.  My marriage is stronger now that my husband and I are working together to make sure our kids don’t grow up to be assholes.  There’s my crazy family, my crazy in-laws, my crazy friends and my dog.  And this is where you can read all about it if you want to.

So there.  I did it.  I’m blogging again.


4 thoughts on “I’m blogging again.

  1. Saw a comic I can’t figure out how to insert…does anyone in your family suffer from mental illness? No, they all seem to enjoy it 🙂

    • That’s a great one T. Love the Blog Mon and I must say when my kids were little and you were out every other night and clubbing and dating; sleeping until 1pm and going through the all about me stage that we all do.., I could never see you doing what I did and how you are now. .

      It is true as we know, unconditional complete love changes your entire world, mind, body, spirituality, priorities, yourself and who comes first. . . everything 24/7 is about those miracles and ya know what …. it never goes away. Just last night talking to a friend from Our Lady’s , I said that I really miss those days when they were all so little and planning all the fun things for them to do. I still try to ~ But ~ BIRTHDAY Party…”come on MA I’m going to be 14″ said My Baby. ❤ ❤ ❤ (I'll still do it for him and his friends . . . just can't help it)
      Love Life and You'll get those jeans back and if you don't you'll have plenty of better distractions from them.
      ❤ 😉 Deb

  2. Love it!! Gabriella is now 10 and Ava is 7 and reading your post totally brought me back to those days. Wow, I’m so glad they have passed. That said, I’m so so happy for you!! Life truly is a gift, enjoy each moment and trust me you will get back into your size 27 jeans. Took me longer after my second than it did with my first but you’ll be back into them. It all comes back, except for the nice perky boobs, those are GONE!!! Cheers!! I’ll have a drink or two for you 😉

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