A confession

I have a secret I’ve been keeping since January.  It’s not something I’m proud of.  And, I’ve lied to many people to cover it up.  But I think my new blog is the perfect forum to come clean.  So here it is.

I bought my dog at a pet store.

He didn’t come from a reputable breeder.  Sorry neighbors.  I didn’t get him from a shelter.  Sorry friends.  I didn’t take him off the hands of another family who couldn’t take care of him.  Sorry random people I met at the dog park.   I bought him – for a LOT of money – at a pet store. And, I’m pretty sure that means he came from a puppy mill.  Now, this is coming from someone who knows better.  I support the ASPCA – every month.  I adopted the most beautiful cat from Buddy Dog Animal Shelter.  Heck, I even have an anti-puppy mills magnet on my car!  Then how did this happen?

Well, I’m one of those weirdos who goes to animal shelters and sometimes to pet stores just to visit the animals.  I feel like the hugs, kisses and treats I give them make their days in captivity just a little bit better.  And, while I’m there I always say a little prayer for each one of them that they’ll soon find their forever homes.  On one random Sunday after Christmas, I convinced Lorenzo to pop in to a local pet store with me.  Once we got in, I started my routine.  I cuddled a dachsund.  I kissed a beagle (and I liked it).  I was working my way down the line and looked up to find Lorenzo was doing the same thing.  Except he was stuck on one pup – a 3 lb pomapoo (50% pomeranian/50% poodle 100% CAYOOOOOT). 

“Mon, look at this guy. ”

“OMG, I want to eat him.”

“You wanna take him home?”


And so we did.  Just like that I dropped my convictions about making pet adoption my ONLY option.  And, I’ve been rationalizing it ever since.  Here’s what I came up with:

Puppies in pet stores need homes too. 

If I didn’t buy him, someone else would have.

He may have ended up in a shelter eventually if he didn’t get bought.

I’ve given him an amazing life filled with people and other animals who love him.

But still, I feel bad.  Because when I bought Sonny, I helped further an industry that has been mistreating dogs for decades.  What do you think?  Does falling in love in a pet store make me a bad person?


6 thoughts on “A confession

  1. Oh cat! You gave an animal who needed it a loving caring home and a wonderful life. In the end, that’s all that matters. You should definitely take that magnet off your car though, hypocrite. 🙂

  2. no, falling in love with Sonny makes you a good soul.
    The pups shouldn’t pay for the sins of their owners/breeders. I would find out where he came from though and if it’s anywhere you find objectionable, tell the store very nicely you expect them to stop doing business with them. We have our way of convincing people to do the right thing.
    Poor Sunny was already stuck in a pet store, either way you saved him.

  3. Although you bought Sonny at a pet store you have been fortunate he is healthy. Ask Amanda what she went through with Rocky, She to lied about where she got her dog and the poor thing was so sick. not only did it cost her a lot of money she ended up returning him where she got him. She did not get her money back from the medical costs. Rocky ended up there in a hospital for three weeks, we would visit him often cause we had fallen in love with him, but were unable to care for him because he was so sick. Once he was better Amanda bought him back and he has been healthy and happy ever since. Not that you can’t buy a sick puppy from a breeder or an adoption agency, but the puppy mill puppies have more sickness’ and deformaties than other dogs.

  4. You’re OBVIOUSLY not a bad person. You definitely need to give me back my magnet though. 😉

    I just wish less people would even walk into pet stores that support puppy mills. I know you look at it as saving your dog, but I’m glad you recognize that each purchase supports one of the filthiest, sickest “industries” out there. It is hard to look into a dog’s eyes (no matter where he/she came from) and not fall hard. The important thing is to spread awareness so that less people even walk into the puppy stores in the first place. That way, we can take a step towards shutting puppy mills down for good. I am a hardcore adoption advocate, but I hope that your love for Sonny will fuel your desire to inform people about puppy mills…and tell others that the ONLY way to shut them and save the real victims (the poor, trapped momma dogs who are bred and bred until they die) is to refuse to support the whole greedy, revolting industry. Sometimes when I see the things people do to animals I am ashamed of my entire species. Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die is the motto I like best. Sonny can be the “face” of the movement against puppy mills. Sound good?

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